How long does it take to get my product?

Usually your product key is delivered instantly as soon as you payment is confirmed. However, for your security, we may take up to 24 hours for payment verification. Please make sure to use correct email address and phone number during checkout.

What is the delivery method?

The key will be delivered to your email address you provide during checkout.

What Payment method do you accept?

At this moment, we accept all major credit cards via PayPal.

Is key-mart secure?

Yes, all connection between your browser and our servers is secured using SSL technology. We never collect or save your billing information on our server. Your credit card information is directly and securely submitted from your web browser to the payment processor, such as Paypal or Stripe.

Are these keys trial?


Are these genuine keys?

Yes, we only provide genuine Microsoft Product Keys that are sourced from Microsoft Partners.

Why are they so cheap?

Because, we are constantly working very hard and very closely with Microsoft Partners, to find you the lowest possible prices for the most popular Microsoft products.

Would they work for product updates?

Yes, your license is entitled to all future updates from Microsoft.

What is your Credit Card Dispute policy?

In case of a chargeback or credit card dispute, we are required to report the key to Microsoft as stolen and have it deactivated. Proof of purchase and buyer’s IP address will be reported to appropriate authorities. Buyer will also be banned from making future purchases.

What is your Refund Policy?

We offer 30-day satisfaction guarantee. All instantly delivered software products are non-refundable.

I need help installing or Activating Windows 10

Please visit our Help page.

Where do I get support?

Please visit our Contact Page for email, message and live chat support options. Help page for help with installation or activation.